Truths Exposed – Things You Need To Know About Apartments In Omaha

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Are you considering moving to Nebraska? All I can say is – drop the plan! Even though there are many reasonably priced apartments in Omaha, it just is not worth living in Nebraska. Also the apartments in Lincoln, Nebraska are not any better. For sure, the pictures that they show everyone in the real estate brochure might look quite alluring. At times they show apartments in Omaha Nebraska with well-maintained lawns luscious green, looking like the best bet to find comfort and a new home. However what they do not show what surrounds. And sure what surrounds is, well, Nebraska.

Now hear how my sister puts it when she talks about Nebraska. We both live together in Berkeley, California; however she still remembers when she and her boyfriend at the time looked up apartments in Omaha Nebraska to live in together. Whenever we are driving past a dirt pile, she will start talking about it. The truth is, besides the manicured apartments in Omaha Nebraska, there is nothing in the state. All that surrounds is nothing but dirt piles, punctuating a vast plain of flat dirt. I am absolutely serious. Go ahead and check it out for yourself if you do not believe me and are really in a good mood to waste all of your time. There are dirt piles, flat plains, and nothing else! With the exception of grouchy people who are stuck in their little apartments in Omaha

Well the ONLY reason I can even think of to look at apartments in Omaha is if you have been offered a job in Nebraska, and even then it sure better be a darned good job at that. Trust me; do not consider living there in any other case cause it sure not worth getting apartments in Omaha. Oh sure! The economy there is just about to look up and the cost of living is low, so if you plan to still go ahead and waste the next several years of your life in Nebraska, be my guest. But take my advice, by getting rich, if it takes ten years of your life to do and all those ten years, you are stuck living in an apartment in Nebraska, it’s simply not worth it. I’m sure you would do so much better to go purchase land up in Canada, perhaps in Nova Scotia, where at least there is some green. Living in your apartments in Omaha Nebraska, the only green you will see is on the lawns in your sub division. As for the rest of the state – it is simply hideous.


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